Caroline is passionate about the power of art and architecture to enrich peoples lives and bring delight to the everyday.

Caroline studied Architecture at The University of Sydney and the Royal Danish Institute of Design in Copenhagen, graduating with honours in 2005.

Caroline is a Registered Architect and has worked in Sydney as well as in London, Uganda and Morocco.

She has worked closely with artists from tender through to submission on many public art projects including Tony Albert, Reko Rennie, Jason Wing, Gemma Smith, Jo Hurst, Lena Nyadbi and Richard Goodwin. She has worked with many diverse clients from the private sector as well as The City of Sydney Council, Marrickville Council, The Australian Council for the Arts and VML Advertising.

The city’s become a figure for the way you’ve learned to love
what’s distant, fantastic,
an abyss of space between. One of those returning things, skeins
of planetary days, lunar phases,
solar years turning harmonies celestial in the blood. One’s
never done with the past.

Exerpt from ‘Fiat Lux’, Lynda Hull, 1992

Throughout her professional career Caroline has worked on projects in architecture as well as art practice. These experiences have allowed Caroline to deepen her own conceptual understanding and develop her own design language. She has also worked for over a decade on housing projects in remote and regional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Australia.

“I believe the execution, the process of making, is essential to the successful realisation of a project, no matter how great the idea is.”

Recently Caroline has expanded her practice to include user experience design and mobile applications to explore and enhance the experience of public space. In 2013 Caroline was selected to attend the UrabnIXD Workshop in Croatia, an EU sponsored venture, to promote the connection between disciplines of people working in urban contexts. She also works as a tutor at the University of Sydney and is deeply committed to design education.