For Vivid at Circular Quay we created a work called i heart see-saw; an illuminated programmed series of see-saws where the motion of the see-saws was mapped on giant LED screens. For this work I collaborated with VML a digital media company. Depending on your size/ balance/ speed the geometries on the screen bloom and pulse in different configurations relating to the respective colour of the see-saw.

Collectively these patterns overlap and intertwine creating a pulse of play. This becomes a group-activated immersive environment reflecting the energy and variety of the group. As the players travel up and down through the air they are immersed in these bright pulses of play. There are several levels of connection; the users of the see saw, the group collective and then between the performers and the audience. Through all of these levels it becomes an immersive collective artwork of play.

'Life is about balance, finding time to pLay together.'