This project was the result of a successful tender for Marickville Council to enliven the heritage-listed wall adjacent to Marickville Station. We approached the Indigenous local artist Jo Hurst to develop a concept that would work for pedestrians but also be appreciated at speed along this heavily trafficked street.

The resulting proposal was for a work narrating the procession of the seasons. In indigenous culture there are not the 4 seasons of an agrarian based culture but many more subtle shifts throughout the year. In this way one can experience a full year in fast forward as you drive across the overpass at Railway Parade. The mural is intended as an affirmation of Indigenous and local culture, tradition and heritage, and as a celebration of global experience.

We worked very closely with Jo to develop an idea that could be reproducible along this 300m long wall in a systematic way but also allow for artistic flourish. This involved a system of 4 unique laser cut panels that were overlaid giving numerous permutations that are never repeated along the length of the wall lending a randomness yet order to the work.

The resulting artwork transforms the high speed experience of this otherwise very ordinary overpass. We developed a manual guide that was handed over to Council detailing the process as documentation but also enabling the mural to be repainted in future if required.