The proposed work, Field Recordings, draws from Marrickville’s urban fabric, the local community, and the surrounding landscape to reveal the rich layers and textures of Marrickville’s past, present and future. For this work I engaged two complementary artists to work with MUD ceramics. MUD ceramics opened their workshop on the competition site and reference the strong history of making the Library wanted to incorporate.

The layers of the work are represented in the artwork as a striated composition - an abstracted landscape which references the low lying watercourses that shaped this land and its inhabitants. The Gumbramorra Swamp lay to the North East and drained South through this site into the Cooks River. It was this swamp that made the area a perfect location for small water dependent industries such as brick making.

In Field Recordings, brightly coloured glazed ceramic discs will shimmer and flow across the artwork's surface referencing the movement of water and the many communities that have travelled and lived in and around the site, as well as the knowledge that the future library will bring. This will be a site for reflection on the past, as well as a place to harness knowledge for the future.