The sea has been a focus for artists, poets, lovers, fishermen, scientists and explorers through the centuries. Flotsam and Jetsam provides visitors exploring the Sydney Aquarium with an intimate audio journey of stories and anecdotes of the contrasting and at times conflicting perspectives of the ocean. Similar to holding a shell to your ear to hear the sounds of the ocean, the installation gives a detailed insight into Sydney Harbour. Visitors were provided with a piece of wearable art – a customised head-piece, that provided an audio experience as they move through the aquarium, observing the colourful and charismatic sea creatures.

Flotsam and Jetsam is an interactive wearable work enabling users to chose their own journey and create their own audio experience as they listen to the stories about the sea. Using a pre-designed mobile application embedded in ornate headpieces made from objects gathered on the beaches of Sydney the user navigates through an audio journey using small movements of the head. The experience is immersive, designed to help visitors to the aquarium to take a moment to connect to the creatures under the sea and learn their stories.

The project was relaunched and headpieces simplified for an exhibition on the sustainable use of our waterways as part of the UTS Hothouse exhibition 'WATERWAYS' in 2015.